Carpet Cleaning

Using the latest and most effective equipment, we will clean your rugs and carpets without you having to lift a finger.
Your carpets are left touch dry so no need avoid the room for any length of time
Carpets are an expensive investment in your home or business, and regular carpet cleaning is essential to maintain their appearance. Whether your children pets or just constant foot fall. All this causes stains and traffic lanes, it is dirt entrapped in the carpet pile which is the biggest contributor to the decline in appearance of your carpets. This can be unhygienic for your children, other members of the family as well as being unsightly. Our hot water extraction cleaning system will ensure peace of mind as well as prolonging the appearance of your carpet.

We would start by visiting your home or business & carrying out a full detailed survey of your carpets, This is because different chemicals can react differently to carpet types so we need to ascertain which cleaning products to use so as to prolong the life of your carpet. Once this has been completed we can provide you with a no obligation quote.

Our equipment is powerful enough to remove the toughest dirt but it’s gentle enough to maintain the quality of your carpets. The specialist  cleaning products cover a whole range of requirements for all types of carpets & upholstery cleaning and maintenance they  are powerful enough to provide outstanding performance, yet formulated to meet very strict safety, quality and environmental criteria.

We use only the highest quality products when carrying out our cleans as we don’t believe in shortcuts! 

We carry a specialist spot stain removal kit also so if your entire carpet doesn’t need cleaning but you have had a mishap we can carry out a stain removal treatment which may save having to carry out a full clean.